About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a self-taught artist and has been painting for many years. “I am a self-confessed colour addict and I work with a variety of techniques to capture the essence or feeling of my subject. I like to connect to the soul of whatever I am working on”.

Elizabeth works in many different mediums and has two very distinctive styles, one she calls her “CountryLife” where she works in watercolour producing loose style paintings, small and large scale of animals, birds and some figurative pieces. The other she calls her “CityLife” where she produces large, abstract and striking pieces. More recently delving into her Far Eastern roots she has been working on a collection of Japanese Red Crowned Cranes, Geisha & Koi. 

Inspiration for her can occur at any time and in any place. Elizabeth has never been confined to one subject, preferring to vary her projects and media. Whether it be the heritage of her Far Eastern roots to capturing the pinpoints of light in a night sky, the deep shades of blue where the sea falls into an ocean chasm or the feeling of movement from a flowing river, nature is a major influence and the inspiration behind a great deal of her work.

She loves the challenge of working with new mediums and experimenting with new effects in painting. Elizabeth’s “CityLife” paintings are created using an exciting range of media including pouring and dripping using fluid acrylics, metallic lustre paints, gold leaf and resin often embellishing with glitter, nail polish, sequins and crystals in very intricate detail. Elizabeth enjoys the gestural abstract approaches of painting while allowing incidents and effects take place in her compositions. Her use of different media and her love of colour has continuously developed and evolved together with her use of resin. 

​Elizabeth seeks to convince the viewer to engage in conversation and to prompt an emotional reaction. She wants to take you on a journey with her work with the infusion of beauty, colour, harmony and intrigue; she hopes you will find that original piece that will meet your artistic sensibilities.  She wants the owner to fall in love and enjoy her art for many years to come.

As good as photography is these days, Elizabeth’s paintings need to be seen in the flesh in order to be truly appreciated.