These paintings again are mainly in acrylic colour, I love this medium for it’s iridescence and metallic qualities which feature in the majority of my work. Many of the paintings are created by a process of building up layers of often poured colours using different viscosity which in turn react with each other allowing incidents and effects to take place in each piece. These contemporary flower paintings are allowed to evolve as the paint flows on the canvas. I have an idea in my mind as to how I want the petals to form but I am guided by the organic nature of the paint as it moves and settles on the canvas until I am satisfied with the results often waiting a day or two to see how the paint dries and what patterns have formed. This will then determine how I will add the fine detail in to more define the flowers and petals themselves. Each painting is always coated with a layer of epoxy resin or painted between layers of resin to add more depth, which enhances the colours depending on the play of light on the painting or the position of the viewer.