I am always looking for new ways to display my art and I have been working with a company that are using specialised technology to transfer my artwork onto different media.  Currently I have been using glass.

These wonderful glass panels are made from recycled materials and no two piece are alike.  The bubbles, and other marks within the glass are a natural consequence of the traditional production methods and the raw materials used.

These are not flaws they are an intrinsic part of the glass which adds to the individuality of each piece. The image is cloned into the substrate using a highly technical HD process into the back of each piece, leaving the front glossy and smooth.

Using digital technology I manipulate my artwork for the transfer of artwork onto one panel or it can be transferred in sections onto numerous glass panels, making a stunning display of any size. The artwork is hung using a discreet system that requires no drilling into the panels giving the finished piece the illusion it is floating on the wall. This is a very exciting concept for me as it will open up my work to a wide variety of clients looking for unique pieces to fit into their homes, offices & hotels.

As time progresses I will be researching other media to transfer my work onto depending on the subject matter in question.